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It Starts With Mark

Mark Copland started Fireworx Scotland Ltd, based in Inverurie, Scotland, in 2003. Mark quickly noticed the need for the speciality, quality events equipment his clients were missing. Out of this need, EventFX was born in 2010.

His love for creating cutting edge, professional fireworks display pushed Mark into becoming a perfectionist in his event management and installation. He seeks the highest quality customer care and delivers products that help dreams come true. No event is too small to receive the EventFX attention to detail.

EventFX Owner - Mark Copland

Industry Leader

EventFX is one of Scotland's largest party and events hire companies, serving all of Scotland no matter your location.

EventFX Owner - Mark Copland

With years in the hire industry, the EventFX team has a distinct focus on customer service, committed to supplying our valued clients with quality products at competitive market prices. We can supply you with all the equipment you need for your next party, function or special event. Our experienced crew handle all installations, if required, and will ensure a perfect product.

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